Chatsworth Parent Group

The CPG team strives to make Chatsworth a friendly, family-oriented community that promotes inclusiveness for everyone

Chatsworth is very fortunate to have had strong and close support from the Chatsworth Parent Group (CPG) that was established in 2001. Each family at Chatsworth plays a unique role in building a strong school community. Every Chatsworth parent is considered a member of the CPG and is always welcome and encouraged to get involved in school activities and events throughout the year. Regular meetings are held and events are organised around the school by the parents, for the parents and community. We continue to build and maintain such close school-parent partnerships for the benefit of our students.

The CPG holds regular Coffee Mornings for parents to connect with one another and stay up to date on school events and happenings. When physical events have not been possible due to Covid-19 restrictions, the CPG has turned to technology to connect with new and existing parents in their virtual meets.


The United Nations (UN) Day is one of the school’s primary annual events to celebrate the diversity and unique identity of the people that make up our community. Chatsworth parents lovingly prepare and serve up an amazing array of delicious ethnic cuisines in a food festival held during the event.


Book Week is typically a week-long event to celebrate and promote the love of reading. A group of parent volunteers prepare resources for a variety of Book Week activities and sportingly dress up their children as their favourite book character!.

CPG Book Week

This is a fun and meaningful day where the community gets into the spirit of year-end festivities. The CPG organises a lively bazaar selling all things Christmas. Proceeds go to our adopted charities.

CPG Christmas Market

Parent volunteers contributed by assisting with costume preparations and attending the joyous performance.

Other examples of events in which parents may want to participate include:

  • Book Week
  • Library Assistance
  • Class Parent
  • Field Trips
  • Festivities and Performances
  • Special Projects

and more…

CPG library

“Our mission is to bring together students, teachers, parents and guardians to create a harmonious school community by offering support for academic and social events. We warmly welcome parents to our community, and please feel free to get in touch with the CPG at any time.”