Community Voices

Community Voices

 A strong community, founded on a culture of respect and positive engagement, is a core element of Chatsworth’s identity

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Year 8

Kiran Pengelly

I was in the U14 Boys Football team last year and I think that I came out as a better team player because I got to play with new people and have learned to adapt the way I collaborate.

Year 12

Lilowen Trottet

I love exploring a wide range of different stories and perspectives in English literature, from 'The Metamorphosis' by Franz Kafka to 'The Bell Jar' by Sylvia Plath

EAL Teacher

Samuel Choi

I love hearing about what the students do for fun and what they do during their weekends and breaks.

Class of 2019

Melody Song

One of my favourite memories of Chatsworth includes UN Day - we would get an opportunity to come to school in our national outfit and try out different cultural activities and food.

Class of 2018

Hana Dyke

I now understand how amazing opportunities in CAS have been - it has enabled me to give back to the community as well as keep myself fit and healthy.

Class of 2017

Matteo Cecamore

I also really enjoyed the openness and helpfulness of the teachers who were willing to support me with coursework and university applications.
Eleri Connor

Assistant Head of Primary & IBPYP Coordinator

Eleri Connor

I am thankful that we are away from the city and surrounded by nature, I just love listening to the birds and wildlife when I arrive in the morning.

Primary Music Teacher

Allan Marcelo

I love organising and designing an event, creating decors, painting, making DIY stuff, I also enjoy doing set design and making props.

Primary Homeroom Teacher

Kenya Barros

I love the multi-cultural community and how the school leaders support us on our very best practices.

English Language Acquisition Teacher

Andy Luu

I love to read, dance Cuban Salsa, and cook.

Spanish and French Teacher & EAL Support Teacher

Clara Aguado

I love the location. I also love the kind of students we have here: they are kind, curious and approachable.

Kindergarten Teacher

Liesl Pinto

Chatsworth has been my home for me and my family for the last 13 years. It made me feel settled when I was new to Singapore and has been my support ever since.